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LiveAll reported on a special evening with Ghemon, who welcomed the audience in an hour-and-a-half show in which he sang his songs and humorously and lightly recounted the last months of his life. On this special evening we met Gianluca, rather than Ghemon.


Milan, 27 April 2022: HivesMash is born, a live music format – halfway between a live performance and a TV show – artistically designed to create new entertainment experiences with forms of language suitable for use on social, streaming and broadcasting channels with the ambition to offer artists the chance to enhance the forms of expression and communication of their art.


A surreal, incorrect and hilarious comedy talk show with Francesco Arienzo as the host who,supported by Veronica Pinelli, will welcome guests, VIPs and artists into his living room, involvingthem in an impossible interview while waiting for the food to be delivered to their home.


Ri-track is a format born from an idea of Alessio Bertallot and represents the portrait of an artist starting from one of his songs, moving the usual television language of music shows to an almost metaphysical level, working on minimalism and subtraction.


From 2 to 6 March, every afternoon, we welcomed our audience into a virtual living room where Daniela Collu with Lorenzo Campagnari (aka Lorello), Francesco Arienzo, Federico Basso and Matteo B. Bianchi met actors, musicians and showbiz personalities. In the evening, during the Festival, the same team commented live on the funniest and most curious moments.


A great live streaming event to celebrate the 80th anniversary of John Lennon’s birth and support music workers in one of the toughest moments for the entire industry. Opening event of the Milan Music Week 2020, Lennon80 has fielded all the technological and authoritative skills of LiveAll to create an unprecedented event in Italy for quality of fruition and immersive and interactive vision.

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