LiveAll Factory

LiveAll Factory is LiveAll’s division dedicated to the production of formats and contents for the world of music, entertainment, art and culture. Innovation, creativity and new media languages are in our DNA and take shape thanks to a creative collective of authors, directors, photographers, artists, costume and set designers.


PRODUCTION → We manage every stage of the production process for you. We offer support and advice on financial, contractual and legal issues, location scouting, sponsor recruitment and tickets sales. A proprietary technology allows us to create shows suitable for any kind of platform.

ARTISTIC DIRECTION → We work closely with artists and their teams, enhancing each project, sharing goals and vision with sensitivity and knowledge of the industry. Artistic direction supports the production and communication structures and enables us to manage every detail with care and efficiency.

BRAND IDENTITY, COMMUNICATION AND SOCIAL MEDIA → We develop the identity of each event and format, taking care of graphics, offline and online communication tools, marketing and web strategy, coordinating with the structures of the artists involved


It is the technological heart of LiveAll, based on the great experience and competence of our team and on cutting-edge instrumentation that allows us to offer viewers an immersive experience like never before, on a proprietary platform that can be fully customised, suitable for both live streaming and on-demand use.

The flagship of our technology is the equipment that allows us to offer remote production services: innovative and compact cameras can be easily installed in clubs and entertainment venues, becoming a resident technology and allowing any type of venue, from the smallest to the largest, to open up to the world of the web and streaming, expanding its audience.

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