Francesco Arienzo
delivery talk


Francesco Arienzo Delivery Talk’ is the talk show at the time of Francesco Arienzo. This is how he describes it: “There are plenty of cooking shows on the Tv, so I thought: why not do a delivery show? Which is also very up-to-date and, above all, meets my most important quality: laziness”.

In the studio, which recalls the atmosphere of his flat to make the guest feel literally “at home”, Francesco will interview one VIP per episode with surreal and incorrect questions while waiting for the food to be delivered, involving him in improbable games in which the most sought-after prize will be the consolation prize: the “Delivery Talk” box game with Francesco’s big face stamped on it, as if he were Mike Bongiorno. Completing the cast and helping Arienzo not to get shipwrecked in his own living room will be Veronica Pinelli, who will hold the strings of the format and the studio, preventing Francesco from  a certain and predictable attack of anxiety.

Guests of the first episode, which will soon be available to the public, are Frank Matano and Ghemon.

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